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Click here to watch an awesome TED-Ed video on how learning & playing a musical instrument enhances brain function!

Click here to watch a video featuring the points of view of parents after their child had started learning a band instrument (courtesy of B.P.O.T.B.)

Honor Band Program Recap


164 students representing 49 schools participated in the 2019 Summer Honor Band Program - a week-long honor band day camp that rehearsed from June 10th - 14th, 2019, and which culminated in a performance in the Magnificat Performing Arts Auditorium on June 16th, 2019.   The concert featured Honor Bands 1 & 2 performing a wide variety of musical selections.

June 2019


MusicAlliance is a northeast Ohio based non-profit 501c3 music education & performing arts organization, founded in 2004, which provides instrumental music education services for students from schools throughout the Cleveland metropolitan area, and homeschooled students, as well as honor band programs that include both non-public and public school students.

We believe that studying a musical instrument has many far reaching benefits which play an essential role in the creative, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.   Participation in instrumental music programs helps to cultivate a greater love, appreciation, and understanding of music - one of humanity's oldest art forms and means of expression, and fosters a sense of belonging and accomplishment while also promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression, self-discipline, teamwork, and organizational skills.

Scientific research into the effects of studying music continue to produce new data about music's relationship to brainpower and academic success.  University research studies have shown that students who participate in instrumental music score significantly higher than their non-participating peers in standardized tests (such as the S.A.T.).  Furthermore, significant correlations have been found between the number of years of instrumental music instruction and academic achievement in math, science, and language arts*.

When you consider the positive force that music education can be in the lives of both children and adults, we think you will agree that Music is an Instrumental Part of a Sound Education!

* Source: University of Sarasota Study, Jeffrey Lynn Kluball; East Texas State University Study, Daryl Erick Trent

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