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General Questions:

Will there be full band and concerts this year?

We are currently unable to offer full band rehearsals or concerts due to space issues and restrictions with regards to Covid-19.  Students are encouraged (but are not required) to perform solo concerts at home for their family and/or as part of online compilation video recitals (with parental permission).

Will there be a program for beginners (students who haven't played a band instrument before) for this school year?

Due to the complexities of the pandemic, we will not be offering a beginner program at this time.  We will re-evaluate things as the school year goes on.

What are the MusicAlliance teachers qualifications?

MusicAlliance teachers have at least a 4 year college degree in Music Education, are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, have to undergo periodic BCI and FBI background checks, and are VIRTUS trained.

Important Tuition/Billing Information:

Although the tuition is paid monthly, it is not calculated on a per lesson basis. Your monthly tuition rate is the same each month even though some months may have more lessons than others.  Holiday/School Vacation closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate.   For those who are signed up for a weekly lesson plan, the instrument lesson tuition is based on 28 lessons offered during the 2020-21 school year, with no extra charge if the offered number of 2020-21 school year lessons exceeds 28.  For those signed up for twice-a-month lessons, the instrument lesson tuition is based on 16 lessons offered during the 2020-21 school year, with no extra charge if the offered number of 2020-21 school year lessons exceeds 16.  If the above-listed number of offered lessons is not met due to extended teacher illness or absence, they may be made up in June, or at another date/time chosen jointly by the parent and teacher.  If a student has an extended illness or injury that prevents them from being able to participate in the above-listed number of offered lessons, we will offer make-up lessons or offer a refund or credit.

General Lesson Attendance Information and Q & A:

Tardy Arrival

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended.

If my child is unable to attend their lesson, is sick, or forgets their lesson, will I be able to schedule a make-up lesson?

Students are expected to attend their lesson at its scheduled times.  Please notify your child’s lesson teacher in advance if your child is unable to attend their lesson. If the student misses a lesson due to forgetting or being sick that day, the teacher may choose to schedule a make-up lesson at a later date at their discretion.  Please keep in mind they may have limited ability to schedule make-up lessons due to the number of other students lessons that they teach.  With the exception of extended illness or injury (described under the “Tuition/Billing Information” section above), make-up sessions for lessons that the student misses are not guaranteed, nor will a tuition refund/credit be given.

Will make-up lessons be scheduled if the teacher is sick?

The lesson teacher will contact parents if he/she needs to miss a lesson. Students should continue to practice their current lesson assignment. If your child’s teacher is sick or is unable to teach for an extended period of time, MusicAlliance reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute and/or to schedule make-up sessions for lessons missed.  MusicAlliance also reserves the right to replace the regular teacher with a new qualified teacher.