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If you would like more information on our eastside or westside homeschool band programs, but was unable to attend one of the recent meetings, please call or email us at the contact info listed at the bottom of this webpage.

MusicAlliance offers beginning and advanced small group band instrument lessons and group band ensembles for homeschooled students ages 9-18.   We have two homeschool band programs, one on the east side and one on the west side. The Eastside Homeschool Band program classes are held on Fridays in the band room at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, and the Westside Homeschool Band program classes are on Fridays at Divinity Lutheran Church in Parma Heights. The classes run from September through May.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our Homeschool Band Programs:

Please call the MusicAlliance office toll-free at 1-855-333-1357 or send us an email (email address is at the bottom of this page).

LESSONS:  Band students receive a small group instrument lesson once a week (on Fridays). Lesson material includes learning to read music, all aspects of playing the instrument, and instrument maintenance.  

BAND:  Students also meet in Full Band rehearsal where they learn to follow a conductor and perform as a group.  They study & learn to appreciate a wide variety of music.  The Full Band rehearsals are scheduled the same day as lessons with a rehearsal time that is in close proximity to the lesson time.

CONCERTS: Students will be featured in at least two concerts per school year (usually in December and May).  In addition to performing in the group band setting, solos and small ensembles are encouraged.  There are additional opportunities that may be available to advanced students including Solo and Ensemble Contest/Recital, Band Festival, and Honor Bands.

INSTRUMENT:  If your child is going to use a used instrument, have it checked by an instrument repair person to be sure it is in top playing condition.  If you need an instrument, you may rent a new instrument at the music store of your choice.

Q. Does my child need to be able to read music to join the band?

A. No, the band director will teach your child how to read music, how to play the instrument and how to handle and care for the instrument.

Q. My child takes piano lessons, how will this affect learning to play a band instrument?

A. The music reading skills and coordination your child has gained from studying the piano will be very helpful in learning to play a band instrument.  Many students study both piano and a band instrument, with half their practice time allotted to each.

Q. How much time should my child practice at home?

A. Each band director has different expectations as to home practice, so please consult your child's band teacher for specifics.  In general, we suggest scheduling home practice sessions either before or after other homework or as a break in the middle of other homework. Providing your child with a quiet place and a regular time to practice will ensure success.   Remember that 5 minutes of home practice is better than none at all.

Q. How did you determine the instrument that was recommended for my child?

A. After an instrument demonstration assembly, students were asked to think about which instruments they preferred. Later, your child was tested on several instrument mouthpieces (or given a rhythm skills test for drums).  For wind instruments various factors such as the shape of the mouth and teeth, ability to coordinate facial muscles, and hand/arm size are taken into consideration.  For potential drummers, factors such as eye/hand coordination and rhythmic memory are considered.  With these factors and your child's personal preference in mind, a recommendation was made to help you and your child choose an instrument that they will enjoy learning to play.

Q. My child has braces or is going to get braces.  Will this prohibit learning to play a band  instrument?

A. Many orthodontists agree that braces will not severely limit your child's participation in band.  Any instrument can be played with braces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To Contact Us, please call the MusicAlliance Office toll-free at 1-855-333-1357 or send us an email by clicking on the Email icon to the left of this text. .

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