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Donations may be made online by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page or may be mailed to:

MusicAlliance, 8600 Tyler Blvd. Suite 1749, Mentor, OH 44061


Business & Corporation Giving: Make a *Tax-Deductible Donation

 Donations may be made online by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page or may be mailed to:

MusicAlliance, 8600 Tyler Blvd. Suite 1749, Mentor, OH 44061


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Donate a Band Instrument (or other needed items) to MusicAlliance

Donating a band instrument to MusicAlliance could mean the difference between whether or not a child leans to play an instrument. Donated band instruments will be acknowledged by MusicAlliance through a descriptive receipt issued by our office and with IRS form 8283, as necessary.  It is your responsibility to determine the value of the gift for charitable purposes.  Contact MusicAllaince regarding instrument donations or other items that our organization may be in need of.



MusicAlliance has a number of volunteer opportunities available for those wishing to donate time to our organization.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact MusicAlliance at 1-855-333-1357.

We are seeking individual donations, corporate/business sponsorships, and grants for the purpose of stabilizing program tuition and for assisting families in need of financial assistance.  There are a variety of ways that you can help support us:


$10,000+ Diamond Level

$5000-$9999 Platinum Level

$2,500-$4999 Gold Level

Your Name or Business Name could appear here.  Please consider making a *tax-deductible donation to MusicAlliance.

$975 - $2499 Silver Level

Roni Akers – In Memory of Chris Kowalski

Alex Fox (Band Instruments from Instrument Donation Drive organized by Alex)

Mr. and Mrs. Rathz

M. Mark Weaver Memorial Foundation Inc

$500 - $974 Bronze Level

Anonymous Donor

Mike and Beth Hrusch – In Memory of Anthony M. "Ant" Hrusch

Various Donors – In Honor of Renny Wolfson’s Birthday Celebration

$200 - $499 Brass Level

 Arrowhead Music (donated repairs of instruments obtained from Alex Fox’s Instrument Donation Drive)

Bill Banas

Julie Blair – In Memory of Pauline Driscoll

Trish Harness

Oscar Krofcheck (Instrument Donation))


$1 - $199 Friend Level

Julie Altman

Anonymous Donor

Julie Blair

Constance Erdela – In Memory of Jane Beckett Rock

Joy Ertel

Thomas Fini

Michael and Judith George

Mr. and Mrs. Hoge ($100 donation for music stands for the band program at St. Mary School Chardon)

Andrea Karpuszka

Linda Keoppen – In Memory of Jane Beckett Rock

Quinn McCandless

Rick Monreal

Laurie Pojatina

Laura Rawson – In Memory of Jane Beckett Rock

Various Donors – In Honor of Renny Wolfson’s Birthday Celebration

Please consider making a *tax-deductible gift to MusicAlliance.

*MusicAlliance Inc is an incorporated non-profit 501c3 organization. *Contributions are tax-deductible, as provided by law.

MusicAlliance wishes to recognize the following contributors: Contributions are tax-deductible, as provided by law. orem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit If you have any questions, please call the MusicAlliance Office toll-free at 1-855-333-1357 or send us an email.

MusicAlliance is a northeast Ohio based non-profit 501c3 music education & performing arts organization, founded in 2004, which provides instrumental music education services for students from schools throughout the Cleveland metropolitan area, and homeschooled students, as well as honor band programs that include both non-public and public school students.  We believe that studying a musical instrument has many far reaching benefits which play an essential role in the creative, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.   Participation in instrumental music education programs helps to cultivate a greater love, appreciation, and understanding of music - one of humanity's oldest art forms and means of expression, and fosters a sense of belonging and accomplishment while also promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression, self-discipline, teamwork, and organizational skills. Scientific research into the effects of studying music continue to produce new data about music's relationship to brainpower and academic success.  University research studies have shown that students who participate in instrumental music score significantly higher than their non-participating peers in standardized tests (such as the SAT). Furthermore, significant correlations have been found between the number of years of instrumental music instruction and academic achievement in math, science, and language arts.**


 When you consider the positive force that music education can be in the lives of both children and adults,

we think you will agree that Music is Instrumental to a Sound Education!

** Source: University of Sarasota Study, Jeffrey Lynn Kluball; East Texas State University Study, Daryl Erick Trent

Go to  then type our name, MusicAlliance, into the search box, and follow the instructions.

Please make sure that you type MusicAlliance as one word (do not put a space between Music and Alliance), otherwise it will have trouble finding us.   After you select our organization, and register with GoodSearch, GoodSearch will make a donation to MusicAlliance for each search you do.

You can also help MusicAlliance through online shopping, by going to (after following the directions listed above), and clicking on the “GoodShop” tab at the top of the webpage.  GoodShop is an online shopping mall that works with more than 2,800 retailers.  You can also find hundreds and thousands of discount coupons and other offers. The more you shop, the more you can earn for MusicAlliance.  Shopping through GoodShop is exactly the same as going to the retailer website directly – you receive the same prices and level of service, and the retailers still handle order processing, shipping, and returns, but by shopping those retailers through the GoodShop website, our organization is given a donation based on a percentage of each purchase you make.

Funds raised will be used to help keep our program tuition as low as possible.  Therefore by helping MusicAlliance, parents of MusicAlliance students can help themselves also.  If our band families utilize GoodSearch and GoodShop to benefit MusicAlliance, it can bring in a significant amount of money to put towards controlling program tuition costs while also being a time-saving and gas-saving convenience for busy families.